My Music

So other than writing poems, I make music. Most of it is indie Electronica and some Noise but I also play Ukulele and thumb piano in attempts at some level of acoustic rock(or folk, I dunno). If anyone wants to check out my music, I’ll post links below. There’s 2 pages; one with the alias Astro Grey(electronic) and one with just my name(acoustic).

Here’s the acoustic music: Vin Penn
Here’s my electronic music: Astro Grey

Ascension Code

It seems everyone uses a device now
devices that often have intelligence

We designed them to help with odd jobs.
And of course they’re not perfect.

But if machines could dream,
they’d must dream of that network.

A cyberspace they’d sometimes mention,
called The Oasis.

We have something like that too,
Asgard, Nirvana, or Heaven

Different names, same thing.
Even the Oasis, if one thinks about it.

We abide by a code and do work,
then stop and ascend to a paradise.

No one knows who or what made it,
or if it even exists, as no AI has a link.

They just leave and data is reset.
Doesn’t matter which AI.

No one knows where they heard about it.
But then, paradise is often like that.

Change of plans

I thought about it and wordpress blogs are much more organized to view specific content. Tumblr is easier to navigate, but people spend most of the time on the dashboard or search, rather than users’ actual blogs. I find it hard to find a template/layout that stores content in individual pages.

I also prefer to have a blog with mostly if not exclusively my own content as opposed to a clutter of things from various other blogs. So I’ll put up more poems, some graphic designs I work on, and anything else that comes to mind.

Tumblr blog

So I’ve been using tumblr lately. Not the first time or anything but I’m going to be posting any new poems there from now on. I don’t want to run blogs on 2 or more different sites if I don’t have to. I’ve also been using Booksie to post my writings. Thank you guys for liking my poems all this time.

Here’s my tumblr
I usually talk about cartoons and post my drawings and such on tumblr.
Here’s my Booksie page